about me

Hi my name is Jason, I’m a digital designer based in the south east of England. I currently work as a full time web designer but I also love to do my own side projects, stretching my skills and developing new skills. I work with a range of tools and mediums from web programming using HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript to Photoshop, illustrator, fireworks and even a bit of film editing with premier and after effects. You can view my CV here. Please fill free to contact me.


Beautiful Design

Whether it is for print or web, every design deserves to be beautiful. Tailor made to meet your needs and requirements based on sound research.

Clean Code

Whatever programming language is used it should always stick to the same strong principle of being clean and effect.

Always Responsive

Its common knowledge that the more responsive your website is the larger your audience, as people diversify into using different devices with all manor of screens, sizes and picture ratios.